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Solo Sole is a family business that makes the nature and the history of his home the pivot of its own distinct production.
The company was born due to the passion and love of the Finocchiaro family who has always maintained the Sicilian cuisine with passion.

In the typical gastronomy, the processing and preservation of culinary land and sea products have always occupied an important position.
The art of preparing paté, creams and sauces is typical for the traditional home-made cuisine of our grandparents who have always applied strictly natural and craftsmanship techniques.

Following the ancient tradition of centuries, the knowledge and passion have been transferred and perfected in the course of time. Today, these old recipes of Sicilian food culture are offered again by a family thanks to a range of vegetable and fish products with an authentic taste.

Aubergine Fillets - SoloSole

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Melanzane a Filetti - 280 gr.
5.59 €

Capriccio Siciliano (olives) - SoloSoleCapriccio Siciliano - SoloSole

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Capriccio Siciliano - 300 Gr.
7.14 €

Pesto Carrettiera - SoloSole

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Pesto Carrettiera - 180 gr.
5.80 €

Paté of green Nocellara Etnea olives - SoloSole

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Patè di Olive Verdi Nocellara Etnea - 180 gr.
5.80 €
Den största ITALIENSKA livsmedelsbutiken av hög kvalitet och med skäliga priser.

WAREHOUSE: Via Nicolò Copernico 5/7
25020 Flero ( BS ) - ITALY

VAT N.: 03443730985 - REA: BS 534780
Joint Capital Euro 80.400,00

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