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I Prodotti: Olja Tomat och såser Typiska produkter

the typical Ligurian products have always combined tradition and innovation. Frantoio Bianco is truly one of the pioneering companies in the Ligurian preserves sector. Already in the early 80s to the production of extra virgin olive oil and taggiasca olives in brine we had the first examples of Genoese pesto, olive pate, and Ligurian dried tomatoes. What then seemed to be a gamble, today is a reality that produces over one hundred specialties typical of Ligurian cuisine, exported to over 25 countries.
In recent years we have drawn heavily from the recipes of our tradition, ranging from the typical preserves of Ligurian fishermen such as tuna in extra virgin olive oil or anchovies in salt, to local vegetables such as artichokes put in oil in the countries of the hinterland .
Our company, while continuing to work in compliance with the best craftsmanship tradition, has always paid close attention to technological innovation and food safety issues. Our modern and functional production plant allows us to combine good production capacity with considerable flexibility.
Our internal analysis laboratory allows us to constantly monitor the stability and wholesomeness of our products, as well as to fully comply with the regulations on traceability and hygiene of the supply chain to guarantee the best Ligurian typical products on your tables.

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