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Our passion for quality
For over 25 years we have selected the best of Italian food production according to the old tradition of craftsmanship. We base our choice on the quality of products, our intuition and the regular and punctual delivery through our suppliers. Our experience is our treasure:
The continuous search for new products, attentive and accurate processing of natural ingredients and the improvement of packaging are our goals. Our customers will find in our catalogue only the best choice of vegetables and canned fish, artisanal pasta, jams and honey, typical furnace and confectionery products and a wide range of certified organic products. The wide range and its constant updating offer customers an increasingly tailored to their needs selection.

News, products and tradition
These are the criteria that guide the mission of Arcobaleno and La Ducale Alimentare towards a permanent selection of an assortment of Italian food and confectionery specialties of best craftsmanship.
The brand Arconatura comprises canned vegetables like delicious chili peppers, roasted artichokes, pickled in oil or vinegar and canned fish such as anchovies from Calabria.
Then there’s the Italian honey, jams extra (also available without sugar) and a large selection of Italian pastas: the rich rustic pasta include the traditional formats, while the regional types vary from Apulian orecchiette to Ligurian trofie and croxetti.
Rice is the world's most widely consumed legume and Italian varieties have excellent quality: Carnaroli and Arborio rice may not be missing. Carnaroli rice is the king of the rice varieties and main ingredient for risotto in its various exclusive and delicious variations.
The best tradition of pasta of course must be accompanied with the best meat sauces like Bolognese sauce from Chianina beef, wild boar and ready to use tomato sauces like our tomato sauce with Apulian tomatoes or with mushrooms, mussels or clams, etc.
Arconatura offers as well traditional Taralli, Frese and Scrocchioli and other savoury baked products.

Strascinati Arconatura

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Strascinati Pugliesi sacchetto - 500 gr.
3.21 €

Succo e Polpa di Pesca BIO - Arconatura

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Succo e Polpa di Pesca BIO - 330 ml.
2.50 €

Carnaroli Rice - Arconatura

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Carnaroli rice packed in a protective atmosphere - 1 Kg.
6.11 €

Wild boar sauce - Arconatura

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Sugo di cinghiale - 180 g.
5.80 €
Den största ITALIENSKA livsmedelsbutiken av hög kvalitet och med skäliga priser.

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