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Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Puglia Sapori e Dintorni - Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Orders that contain buffalo mozzarella and burrata are always only shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays. To obtain the products in the same week, it is recommended to order and pay by Tuesday evening.


The Burrata is a fresh cheese made from "pasta filata", which is typical of the small Apulian village Andria. The Burrata is a small bag of Mozzarella dough which is provided with a soft and creamy heart. If the Parmesan ist the king of Italian cheeses, the burrata is the queen.

The first taste impression is the fresh, salty taste, which is almost like a sea breeze. In the mouth, the burrata is soft and elastic, but not rubbery. The heart is creamy with light notes of fresh milk and yogurt, which combine to create a light and tasty treat.

The burrata can be easily cut. Once the Burrata is opened, one should eat them the same day.

Märke: Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

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Burrata Pugliese - 125 gr. in conf da 250 gr.
5.18 €
Burrata Pugliese - 300 gr.
6.21 €

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